Pittsburgh’s #1 Roof Cleaning Co.

  • One of only a handful of CERTIFIED roof cleaners in all of PA
  • Did you know those black streaks on your roof are actually ALGAE?
  • Tired of those stains ruining your home’s appearance?
  • Have a slate roof that has algae and moss growing on it?
  • Our safe & effective SOFTWASH cleaning method will make any roof look great again.

Our roof cleaning technique shows immediate results. You will see a night and day difference in your roof’s appearance within 1 hour. We spray our cleaning solution and you will see the streaks and stains disappear right before your eyes (You will be AMAZED!). 99% will be gone by the time we leave.

We then let mother nature’s rain rinse off the remaining dead algae cells. We recommend no rinsing——- even a garden hose.

The cleaning solution will penetrate your shingles, giving lasting protection from regrowth of algae. We are so confident in our technique, and our customers response has been so positive. We also give a 2 year clean roof guarantee.”A 2 year clean roof guarantee means that if you see the same moss or algae reappear on your roof within 2 years of the original treatment date, Soapy Roof will re clean your roof at no additional charge.” If your stains come back within 2 years, we will come out and clean it……………free of charge.


Softwash Roof Cleaning

At times, It can be difficult to find time to meet with a contractor just to get a price. That is why Soapy Roof offers state-of-the-art Bird’s Eye View Satellite Pricing! Not only can we give you a quote just by looking at your home from space, we guarantee you will we receive your quote within 24 hours from the time you request it!NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY!


If you can see the UGLY from space, how does it look up close?

What makes SOFTWASH roof cleaning unique? We use no pressure or scrubbing to clean your shingles. Using pressure can remove the tiny roof shingle granules, reducing your roof’s life span and voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. We use the A.R.M.A (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association) approved cleaning method www.asphaltroofing.org . Soapy Roof’s proprietary cleaning solution will bring back the new look to your roof.

A roof’s typical life span is 30 years; why spend thousands of dollars on a new roof when you can let us clean it for a fraction of the price.